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  • March 2014
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc has become ISO 9001:2008+AS9100C Accredited
  • December 2013
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc has become an approved supplier to the Boeing Company
  • February 2013
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc has proudly passed the ASA-100 Quality Audit
  • March 2010
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc has proudly passed the ASA Quality Audit
  • March 2009
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc name has been registered and trademarked
  • September 2008
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc has signed an Entrusted Agreement with Aviacsa Airlines for its Consignment Inventory.
  • August 2008
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc has started working on the architect of its new 80,000 sqf distribution center in Victorville, CA.
  • March 2008
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc is a sponsor at ASA-100, Las Vegas
  • August 2007
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc is a sponsor at ACPC, Orlando
  • July 2007
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc moved to a larger facility in Irvine, CA
  • March 2007
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc becomes ASA-100 Accredited
  • June 2003
    Falcon Dynamics, Inc became Honeywell Distributor and has signed a $46 Million Distribution with Honeywell & SPI
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Quality Assurance Questionnaire

Ensuring the quality, integrity and history of each part is achieved through a comprehensive quality assurance program. The quality system meets all requirements of FAA AC 00-56 and ASA-100. Falcon Dynamics maintains a rigorous inspection and inventory control system, and conducts ongoing training classes for its purchasing, inspection and sales personnel. "Know thy vendor and his product" is an underlying company theme.

Falcon Dynamics' Quality Assurance System requires us to survey our suppliers. In support of this requirement, we ask that the following questionnaire will be completed by quality assurance personnel.

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Company Information
Business Information
Quality Assurance System
1. Has the company developed a Quality Assurance system?
2. Has the QA system been audited and approved by a third party ? If yes, specify QA Accreditation
3. Is this program understood and implemented at all levels of the organization?
4. Is the QA system reviewed by management on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness?
5. Does the company maintain an up to date Quality Manual?
6. Are internal / external audits scheduled and performed on a regular basis?
7. Are noncompliances documented and corrective actions taken?
8. Are Quality documents available to personnel involved with Quality Assurance?
9. Do procedures exist for the retention and maintenance of all Quality records?
10. Does a training Program exist for all functions that effect Quality?
11. Are all incoming shipments subjected to QA inspection by qualified personnel?
12. Are all outgoing shipments subjected to QA inspection by qualified personnel?
13. Are all shipments identified and traceable through receiving, processing, stock, and delivery?
14. Do procedures exist to prevent damage or deterioration by improper handling?
15. Do procedures exist for identity, segregate, and dispose of nonconforming material?